Scottish Provenance

We believe Scotland is THE best place in the world to rear salmon

Our western Highland & Island sea lochs are fed from the Highland mountains where ‘burns’ or rivulets evolve into streams, which in turn combine and mature into raging torrents of clear, fresh water. These are the fresh waters in which our Lochlander Salmon eggs are nurtured and grown.

As the rivers reach the sea lochs, the cold fresh water and warmer salt water mix, creating a nutrient-rich ecosystem that provides the perfect natural environment for our young salmon.

Salmon Masters

Lochlander Salmon are nurtured by our dedicated Salmon Masters, unrivalled in their passion for fish care.

As a proud community of over 500 Scottish salmon farmers, with 85% of our Salmon Masters living locally along the shores of our sea lochs, we are devoted to raising our salmon and safeguarding our home environment.

Salmon Masters
map of scotland with staff numbers

We are a proud community of Scottish salmon farmers.



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We believe Scotland is THE best place in the world to rear salmon.



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